About your drinking water - Taste and Odor


Burlington Municipal Waterworks

RE: Consumer concerns due to the taste and odor of the chlorine in the drinking water.

Due to the current flooding of the Mississippi River, Burlington Municipal Waterworks is using more chlorine disinfectant to treat the water than under normal river conditions. During flooding conditions there is a higher level of organics in the river.  This is caused from large rain runoffs or high temperatures causing rapid snow and ice melts up river.

This is done in accordance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Iowa Department of Natural Resources regulations. "We have always used a disinfectant to kill harmful bacteria/viruses in the water to protect public health and ensure that it is safe to drink.

As the river level gradually drops, and if there is no large fluctuations in the levels, this should result in being able to lower the chlorine disinfectant to a more normal range that should lessen the taste and odor issues.